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Mods Vaporesso Transformer with NRG

Vaporesso Transformer with NRG

Here we go again - Vaporesso just released a new very promising product - the Vaporesso Transformer Kit with the NRG tank. We are fortuned enough to be one of ...

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News Studies Finally Reveal Long Term Effects of Vaping

Studies Finally Reveal Long Term Effects of Vaping

Tired of being told that your vaping habit is a vice that'll eventually ruin you? Thanks to the latest research on the positive effects of vaping, you can have ...

Best E-Cigarettes 2018

Best E Cigarette For Beginners

V2Cigs EX StarterkitIf you are searching for the best e cigarette for beginners, the V2 EX is the perfect choice. This stylish device is light and easy to handle. Newbies rave about how easy it is to refill, which sets it far above many competing devices. The battery never gets a bad review because of V2’s legendary capacity. New vape users love the rich and thick vapor produced by this high-performance device.

In many e cigarette reviews, one of the biggest complaints of new vape users is being confused about which accessories are necessary. The starter kit that includes the V2 EX obliterates the complexities by offering the must-have accessories for every soon-to-be vaping enthusiast. With or without the starter kit, the affordable price tag is the cherry on the sundae for the V2 EX. From grape to menthol, there are also many flavor varieties that are compatible with the device.

Best Sub Ohm Device

Vaporfi VOX 60TCIf temp-control mods, tanks and liquid combinations are as confusing to you as they are to most vaping enthusiasts, the Vaporfi VOX TC 60 is the best sub ohm device for solving those problems with one simple solution. At less than $200, it is an excellent value. The VOX TC 60 boasts Vaporfi’s famous quality crafting techniques and can operate when temperature control is activated. The device packs a powerful punch of up to 50W, and it runs on a single IMR 18650 battery.

According to many e cigarette reviews, users enjoy this compact device’s easy portability. However, one of the aspects that makes it a chart-topping sensation is how vape users have the option to pick the perfect tank for their needs. There is a wide selection to cater to new, seasoned, occasional and devoted vape users. The stylish VOX TC 60 comes in black or silver. Vaporfi’s starter kit for this device includes all of the essentials for a superior vaping experience.

Best Vaporizer In 2018

V2 Series 7The feature-packed V2 Series 7 earns the title of for its versatility. It is commonly called a three-in-one vape pen because of these three cartridges that come with it:

  • E-liquid
  • Loose leaf
  • Wax

If you are new to vaping, this attractive device affords you the opportunity to explore your mediums and discover your personal favorite. There are also a wide variety of compatible flavor products to choose from.

Users especially love the smart technology of the V2 Series 7, which automatically heats vape juice to the perfect temperature unless you set it manually to your own specifications. A larger storage capacity adds to the many benefits that make this the best e cigarette 2016 has to offer for overall value. Also, the Series 7 includes V2’s famous high-quality battery, which boasts powerful output and a long life.

Best Cigalike

V2 StarterkitTo better recreate the experience of actual smoking without the harmful aspects, the V2 Standard is the way to go. This pen-like device is easy to use. Simply charge the battery, attach a new cartridge and enjoy V2’s signature thick and luxurious vapor. Cartridges yield between 100 and 150 puffs each, and the high-capacity battery allows you to enjoy more of those puffs whenever you please.

If you like more control over the thickness of your vapor and want to maximize it, the V2 Standard starter kit’s manual battery option is perfect for that. You control the vapor with a small button on the battery portion of the device. With the help of the express charger, your long-lasting device is ready to go again in less than a few hours.

Another reason why this device earned the title of best cigalike is its high-quality flavor yield. If you are still missing and craving the taste of tobacco, there are several juice blends to satisfy your longing. At less than $50 for a starter kit, this is the best e cigarette 2018 has to offer if you are looking for excellent value in a transitional vaping experience.

Best E-Cigarette Brands 2018

Brand RatingDescription Official Website
V2 Electronic Cigarettes & Vaporizers Review
E-cigarette, vaping and accessories company V2Cigs (now is a subsidiary of VMR Products. It was co-founded in 2009 by Jan Andries Verleur (CEO) and Dan Recio (President), and the company quickly became a leader in the electronic cigarette marketplace. The company is headquartered in Miami, Florida, and is properly registered and licensed as well as ...


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2 Vaporfi
For customers who want quality that reflects real-world experience and research, Vaporfi never disappoints. Their tank-style refillable devices are known for yielding great taste, strong vapor and a long battery life. Add that to their inventory of more than 30,000 e-liquid blends, and you have a winning combination. Their e-cig styles vary and cater to ...
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