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63Maui Puako

63 Maui Puako e-Liquid

63 Maui has quickly gained an excellent reputation in vaping circles for producing e-juice of highest quality ingredients and unique flavour mixes. As of now, they offer a good range of e-liquids divided into two separate product lines. Their simplicity line, as you can tell by the name, provides you with simple, single flavour e-liquids that serve as a solid base for your vaping arsenal.
Their second product line, however, is where 63 Maui’s quality really shines. The so called Hawaii line is a collection of 18 very unique flavour combinations all kept in a very fruity and sweet theme. Each e-juice is a complex blend of two to four different flavours that are perfectly balanced and work together to deliver you an interesting and exotic vape.

The most popular e-liquid of this product line is the Puako e-liquid, a beautiful blend of honeysuckle and pear together with a slight hint of sweet strawberry and a refreshing taste of lime on the exhale. This liquid has been a staple in our personal e-juice selection for while now and we always find ourselves coming back to this so we figured it’s about time we gave you guys out there a rundown on what you’re getting with the Puako and how this mix vapes.

63 Maui Puako e-Liquid product details

The Puako e-juice is currently available in bottle sizes of 15ml, 30ml, 60ml and 120ml. Obviously, the biggest bottle will be your best choice in terms of how much liquid you get for your money, but all of them are priced very reasonably. The 15ml bottle sets you back just $7 dollars and the 120ml is priced at just $44.
This e-liquid comes in seven different nicotine levels ranging from zero to 18mg of nicotine. The VG/PG ratio is also entirely up to your preference with VG/PG ratios of 50/50, 70/30 and 85/15 on offer.
All those choices might be overwhelming when you first decide to give this e-juice a try but trust us when we say you can’t go wrong either way, we’ve had a fair few of different Puako mixes and were never disappointed.


PG/VG Ratio

PG/VG Ratio: 70/30


Size: 10ml, 15ml

63 Maui Puako e-Liquid flavour

As we said before, you really can’t go wrong with any of the VG/PG ratios so if you’re about to place your first order don’t worry too much about it. That being said, if we had to pick a personal favorite the 70/30 mix would probably be it. We usually prefer the higher PG ratios and the 70/30 is a good balance. Vaping this e-juice the most dominant flavour is the combination of honeysuckle and pear which really compliments each other well. There is just a hint of strawberry in the mix that gives it a nice little kick without disrupting the harmonic pear and honeysuckle taste. For an interesting and refreshing finish 63 Maui gave the Puako liquid a squeeze of lime on the exhale. This e-juice is an incredibly delicious mix and for us the perfect balance of refreshing and exotic without being too sweet.

The Verdict

63 Maui’s Puako e-juice is their most popular order and our highlight of their interesting Hawaii e-liquid product line. At a very fair price of as little as $44 for a 120ml bottle you will really be struggling to find a better everyday vape juice in terms of value for money. The mix of floral and fruity flavours is exceptionally balanced and not as overly sweet as some other fruity e-liquids making it a great addition to your rotation of e-juices. We will definitely not get off this juice for a long time to come and are sure neither will you if you decide to give this a try. Absolutely recommended.

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