Kangertech Dripbox Starter Kit review

Kangertech’s latest box mod has been a major topic of discussion in the vaping world recently. This is because Kangertech are not releasing just another box mod, but deliver a unique style of vaping by combining a rebuildable dripping atomizer with the convenience of a tank mod at an affordable price of $44.90. The Kangertech Dripbox functions as a so called bottom feeder mod, which means the tank is integrated in the battery piece of the mod. You then feed your e-juice to your atomizer coil by pushing the little reservoir holding your liquid, this technique is also known as squonking. This Dripbox starter kit contains Kangertech’s subdrip RDA (rebuildable drip atomizer) alongside the dripmod to provide you with everything you need to start vaping your first bottom feeder mod.

With Kangertech already offering pre-order options and the full release not far off, we are happy to say Kangertech have kindly sent us a sample to review, so here is what we thought after extensive testing.

Kangertech Dripbox specs and build quality

The first thing we noticed was the classic Kanger design, you wouldn’t even need to look at the logo to figure out this could only be a Kangertech mod. The Dripbox starter kit is available in three colors which are white, black and red. The build quality overall was good but nothing special, the chassis has a plastic feel to it and we have to say we were not very confident as to how well this vaporizer would survive if it ever happened to slip out of our hands. However, all buttons, screws and clips were absolutely solid and should last a long time if you treat your device well.

This dripmod fires up to a maximum of 60W and is powered by a single, replaceable 18650 battery. The massive tank holds as much as 7ml of your e-juice which will last you quite a while on a dripmod and the tank can be removed from the mod for easy refilling or cleaning. The rebuildable dripping atomizer can fire both, single and dual wicked coils, down to a minimum resistance of 0.2 Ohm and is compatible with virtually every coil you could possibly build. Kanger also offers pre-built 0.2 Ohm coils in case you are not a fan of building your own.



: 116 x 22 mm


: Fits a 18650 Battery


: Metal

Output voltage



: 7.0 - 60.0 Watt

Available coils

: 0.2 - 2.5 Ohm


: VW (variable wattage)

Tank capacity

: Replaceable 7ml plastic bottle


: 510

Kangertech Dripbox vapor production and flavour

Dripmods are still a new and uncommon style of vaping with few available on the market. However, they have quickly managed to build a reputation for their incredible vapor production and clean taste. With the Dripbox Kanger aimed to finally make dripping more convenient and affordable and, speaking for all vaping enthusiasts out there, we were very much hoping for this move to turn out a success. Needless to say, we were absolutely hyped to fire up this bad boy. The first thing we noticed was just how different a style this actually was and it took us a bit to get a feel for how hard we would have to pressure the reservoir to get the right amount of juice onto our coil, which really does make a difference in terms of flavour.
Once we got into it we had a fantastic time with this Dripbox and were stunned by the pure flavour of every single e-liquid we vaped and the huge vapor clouds we drew once we fired that mod up towards the higher end of its wattage range. We really felt like the vaping experience was just as pleasant as with high end dripping mods which are not only a lot more expensive but also nowhere near as convenient.

  • Great taste on par with more expensive dripping mods
  • Bottom fed by a huge 7ml tank makes dripping hassle free
  • Innovative design and unique vaping style
  • Very affordable

  • Build quality is average at best

The Verdict

Kangertech’s newest product is certainly like no other mod currently on the market. Dripping mods have proven to deliver a fantastic vape but always came at a high price tag and were never as convenient to use as your average mod. With this Dripbox Kangertech has smartly combined a rebuildable dripping atomizer with the convenience of a bottom feeder tank that makes dripping as easy and hassle free as pushing a button.

While we found the build quality to be merely average you need to consider Kanger’s goal of keeping this vaporizer at an affordable price (the pre-order currently sets you back $44.90) and they have done a great job striking the balance between quality and budget. Looking at the specs in detail you can’t really ask for more at this price: the rebuildable dripping atomizer is very versatile and compatible with every coil you would ever want to use. 60W maximum output is definitely enough to get the best out of your e-juice with this dripmod.

Kanger DripBox in white

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