Smoking vs Vaping: The Ultimate Breakdown

The smoking vs vaping controversy has had a few twists and turns recently. We’re taking the time to give you a true rundown of how to the two compare.

For the last few decades or so, smoking has been on the decline. This decline has certainly been the result of bombarding our youth with information about the effects smoking has on our health.

Despite all of this progress, however, the introduction of vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking has sparked a smoking vs vaping debate.

Is “vaping” nothing more than “smoking” by another name? Is it a gateway activity?

Let’s take a look at just how the costs and risks of vaping and smoking compare.

What is vaping? How does it differ from smoking?

Vaping entails the use of a machine or device (called a vaporizer) which emits smoke that the user then inhales. Some of the devices, like cigarettes, are portable while others have more stationary uses.

These vaporizers are usually filled with liquids known as “vape juices.” Vape juices come in many flavors and contain some amount of nicotine. Many people are convinced that there isn’t much of a difference between smoking and vaping.

Vaping does, after all, involve the inhalation of smoke, and many users rely on vaping in order to get their nicotine fixes.

Even so, confusing vaping and smoking is less than accurate, and for a multitude of reasons, many of which will be addressed below.

Comparing the Costs


Most people know that smoking is an expensive habit; the costs can be easily measured. We need only multiply the number of packs of cigarettes purchased by the price of each pack in order to find out just how much money a single smoker spends on cigarettes.

In fact, there is already a government-sponsored website which allows smokers to do just this by simply entering the number of cigarettes they smoke a day and the cost of the brand of cigarettes they most regularly purchase.

According to the site’s calculator, if a smoker only smokes a single cigarette a day and spends 5 dollars on each pack of cigarettes, that smoker will spend $91.25 per year on cigarettes.

Since the cost of cigarettes is not constant, however, the calculator assumes that the price of cigarettes increases annually. The annual increase in price suggests that smokers will spend gradually more than $91.25 each year.

Of course, most smokers enjoy more than one cigarette a day. Some even smoke an entire pack a day. That is to say, the average smoker can definitely expect to spend more than a mere ninety-one dollars a year on cigarettes.


Calculating the cost of vaping is admittedly more difficult; there are many different brands and makes of e-cig devices, and not all of the devices are equally priced or efficient.

And, no, the wide range of costs and makes do not make the case for vaping extremely compelling in a smoking vs vaping argument.

That said, the consensus is that vaping is cheaper than smoking. This is the result of comparing the prices of e-cig devices and vape juices to the prices of cigarette packs.

Vaporizers and other e-cig devices vary in price, and there are more than enough cheap options on the market. Further still, more efficient makes of vaporizers can actually reduce the cost of vaping.

Vape juices, too, can be found for relatively cheap prices. In fact, vape juices tend to cost less than cigarette packs.

Taking a Look at the Risks


Just as everyone knows that smoking is expensive, everyone also knows that smoking is dangerous.

Not only is smoking addictive, but it also poses many health risks to smokers, and not just to their respiratory health. Cardiovascular diseases, too, are associated with smoking.

And we are all probably already well aware of the link between smoking and cancer.

Smoking also causes environmental harm by releasing dangerous chemicals into the air. Furthermore, cigarette butts, when not properly disposed of, exacerbate the problems that are caused simply by burning them.


Despite the concerns about vaping, it is considered to be a safer option than smoking.

As a matter of fact, many vapers were once smokers who, concerned about their health, decided to transition to vaping, and these ex-smokers aren’t wrong to think that vaping is better for their health than smoking.

Although vape juices contain some nicotine, this nicotine is present in smaller amounts, which means that nicotine addicts can still get their nicotine fixes without inhaling all of the tar that is present in cigarettes.

To be clear, though, nicotine is an addictive substance regardless of how it is absorbed. That is to say, vaping can still feed nicotine addictions.

As a matter of fact, some studies show that teens who vape eventually become smokers. Such studies suggest that vaping is a gateway activity for some people rather than a substitute for a more dangerous alternative.

Further, still, some opponents of vaping are critical of even vaping’s potential to wean smokers off of nicotine. After all, some ex-smokers who vape don’t ever stop vaping.

In other words, they only replace a bad habit with a less detrimental one; of course, when having an argument about smoking vs vaping, this statement might not exactly make vaping look much better.

Even so, we must be realistic here: Vaping, as previously stated, is less damaging to people’s health, so it doesn’t have to perceived as a threat to all of the progress that has been made over the last few decades.

If we ‘re being completely honest, we would much rather nicotine addicts vape than smoke. If someone absolutely must have nicotine, vaping would be the safer alternative since it doesn’t deposit tar and other substances in the vapers’ lungs.

Some studies even suggest that, unlike smoking, vaping actually has a few health benefits, but none of these sources are respected authorities, so the advice should be taken with a grain of salt.

Smoking vs Vaping:  Which Comes Out on Top?

In the smoking vs vaping debate, there is really no question about which one wins.

Smoking is without question bad for people’s health; even smokers know this.

That said, vaping is a great alternative to smoking, one that has even helped smokers completely wean themselves off of nicotine.

If you are thinking about vaping, you should take care to choose the right e-cig device for you. The model you choose is no doubt going to affect your vaping experience.

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