Studies Finally Reveal Long Term Effects of Vaping

Tired of being told that your vaping habit is a vice that’ll eventually ruin you? Thanks to the latest research on the positive effects of vaping, you can have a legitimate comeback from now on: “News flash – vaping is good for me.”

And no, we’re not joking – so it’s no need to look for a punch line.

According to a recent study, vaping is much safer compared with smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Translation: Inhale, exhale, laugh off your critics’ misinformed comments, and vape away! Then, repeat to your heart’s content.

Here’s a rundown of what science says about vaping and why you should be more excited to do it now than ever before. Let’s get started!

Effects of Vaping: What Science Says

The study mentioned earlier was the product of researchers from several institutions. These included a London college, the U.S. disease prevention and control centers, and a U.S. cancer institute.

The research was featured in the Annals of Internal Medicine, a peer-reviewed journal. It was the first one to assess the effects of vaping versus tobacco smoking.

It revealed that making the switch from tobacco to vaping can greatly decrease harm to a smoker.

Why? Because of the lower level of exposure to carcinogens and toxins associated with using e-cigarettes.

These chemicals include volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs). There is also NNAL, a toxic chemical that results from being exposed to TSNAs.

Scientists revealed that NNAL levels, which are associated with cancer, were a whopping 97.5 percent lower in former tobacco smokers who currently vape than in continuous tobacco smokers.

Clearly, more smokers may benefit from putting out their cigarettes for the last time and taking a plunge into the promising vaping world.

How the Study Was Performed

In the recent study on the effects of vaping, the scientists recruited participants from the Greater London area. Subjects were required to meet the following criteria:

  • Stopped utilizing tobacco products at least half a year ago
  • Have smoked more than five cigarettes a day on average for the past half a year

The participants were instructed to go to a lab after not using nicotine products. They were not allowed to drink or eat for one hour prior to their visit.

Upon arriving at the lab, they filled out a questionnaire assessing both smoking and sociodemographic characteristics.

Researchers took urine, breath, and saliva samples. The goal was to determine the levels of toxic chemicals in them, including nicotine. They adjusted their analysis based on factors like sociodemographic variables and smoking history.

Type of Research

The cross-sectional research on the effects of vaping compared exposure to tobacco-related carcinogens in several groups:

  • Former smokers now performing vaping only
  • Former smokers now using nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), such as nicotine gum or patches
  • Current smokers who use nicotine gum or patches as well
  • Current smokers who use e-cigarettes along with tobacco
  • Current smokers who use tobacco cigarettes only

The participants who experienced the greatest health benefits included those using cigarettes only or NRT only. The use of tobacco along with NRT or vaping cancels out the benefits of NRT and vaping.

In other words, you can’t have your cake and eat it, too.

Now, if you’re considering picking up the tobacco cigarettes again, maybe it’s not a bad idea. After all, you get to smell like a fresh ashtray.

Plus, you get to experience the sound of tacky tar in your air sacs all over again (because let’s face it: a smoker’s cough is really sexy).

After all, you probably miss the wonderful ritual of ravaging the back of your throat and coughing up phlegm each morning when you first get up to start your day.

On second thought, maybe you should just stick with vaping. Your body – and maybe even your love life – will thank you.

Other Health Benefits of Vaping

Speaking of your body, researchers have found many other health benefits of e-cigarettes versus their tobacco-filled counterparts.


One of these other health benefits is taste.

Research has confirmed that smoking decreases your ability to taste.


It essentially flattens the taste buds and thus makes them less sensitive.

But when you put the cigarettes away and embrace vaping, your body’s circulation improves. This means your body can more easily repair itself.

As a result, food tastes better. Talk about a sweet treat – your icing on the proverbial cake.


The toxins and carcinogens in tobacco make it hard for your lungs to do their job when you’re a smoker.

Hydrogen cyanide, in particular, keeps the lungs from clearing away junk in a normal way. Such toxins additionally cause the lungs to swell, thus constricting your air flow.

On the contrary, with vaping, you don’t have to worry about hydrogen cyanide or toxins.

So, again, your lungs can engage in self-repair. Which means you can breathe easier.

Carbon Monoxide

This is among the most dangerous substances you can find in a cigarette.

Carbon monoxide essentially wreaks havoc on your body by taking the place of valuable oxygen in your bloodstream.

It binds to your hemoglobin, so oxygen can’t get to the body’s vital organs. And unfortunately, that’s not good news for you.

How We Can Help?

Because of the dangerous chemicals in tobacco, smoking kills half of all smokers. It only makes sense to choose the healthier option of vaping.

We offer reviews of the best vaping devices along with their components and liquids. This way, you can purchase them with confidence.

With so many new vaping products available, understanding what’s hot and what’s not is essential for having a positive vaping experience.

Contact us to find out more about which products can take your vaping habit to a new level of enjoyment while reducing your risk of disease!

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