The Best Sub-ohm tanks of 2016

With vaping ever increasing in popularity and technology advancing on a daily basis the vaping scene has seemingly shifted heavily towards powerful, high wattage box mods instead of the original, tiny e-cigarettes. With portability being more and more sacrificed to maximize performance and vaping experience the so called sub-ohm tanks have taken over a big chunk of the market of tanks and appear to be the only choice for real vaping fans. Most popular manufacturers of vaping gear have reacted to this trend and by now the market is flooded with a huge choice of, for the most part, very well made sub-ohm tanks.

We have done our best to keep up with all the new releases to always keep you up to date on what the best purchases are, and hopefully made sure you were informed about all the good and bad aspects about every sub-ohm tank you might consider to buy. We do believe we did a decent job at delivering that information to our readers. However, if you’re just stepping into the vaping world now and have not kept up with our reviewes regularly in the past then there’s a good chance the sheer amount of sub-ohm tank reviews available might be overwhelming.

For this reason we have put together a comprehensive guide about what exactly the best sub-ohm tanks are, whether sub-ohm tanks are a good choice for what you are looking to do and most importantly, provide you with an extensive overview of the best sub-ohm tanks are that we tested so far and give you a quick rundown of the pros and cons of every single one of them to make it easier for you to make a choice. Do note, though, that this is only aimed to provide key information at a glance. Use this as a guideline to pick out a handful of potential candidates and then head to our in-depth reviews to catch up on all the details about the best sub-ohm tanks 2016 you want to have a closer look at.

Following this approach should make sure that you will end up being satisfied about the sub-ohm tank you buy and not regret the money you invested. But you have to understand that everything you read here is entirely based on our personal opinion and the feedback we have received from our readers and friends, so there is a chance not everyone will agree with some of the things we tell you. That being said, let’s dive into it and have a look at what sub-ohm tanks actually are.

What is a sub-ohm tank and what are the differences to other tanks?

Sub-ohm vaping or “sub-ohming” can be very easily defined as vaping on vaporizers or box mod setups using atomizers that are capable of firing below a resistance of 1 Ohm into sub-ohm range. While this definition is very straight forward and hopefully easy to understand, it does not quite provide any information or pointers as to why sub-ohming is such an entirely different category and what exactly the differences are to vaping at 1 Ohm or above.

Sub-ohm vaping all started with people using RDAs (rebuildable dripping atomizers) and RTAs (rebuildable tank atomizers) and custom made coils to push the limits and achieve resistances as low as possible, with some of today’s coils vaping at resistances as low as 0.05 Ohm. For the longest time sub-ohm vaping was restricted to people willing to build their own atomizers and coils, which requires some solid knowledge about the laws of Ohm and electronic know-how. This was therefore only available to experienced vapers and is absolutely not recommended for beginners as it can be quite dangerous if done wrong. However, with the appearance of sub-ohm tanks that come with pre-made coils and can fire down to extremely low resistances straight out of the box with no modding skills needed sub-ohming is now a lot more accessible to vaping fans of all experience levels and turned sub-ohm vaping into the mainstream vape style.

As it turned out, vaping with atomizers at below 1 Ohm has proven to offer a much better performance in many aspects. The lower resistance atomizer coils allow for a generally much more intense flavour. If you want to bring out the very best and clearest taste out of your favorite e-liquid then sub-ohm vaping is a must. In addition to a more intense flavour, due to the higher heat level of the atomizer coil you will be able to experience a warmer vapor, which many vapers actually prefer and it also resembles traditional tobacco cigarette smoke more closely for everyone who is coming from a background of years of tobacco smoking who wants to make the change to vaping. Of course, if a warmer or hot vapor is not what you are looking for then you don’t have to worry about it at all, because air flow control is a standard feature integrated in most decent sub-ohm tanks and allow you to control the temperature and density of your vapor. Another big factor in favour of sub-ohm vaping is the increased vapor production. There is an entire scene competing only for who can produce the biggest and most impressive vapor clouds. This is called cloud chasing and chances are you are not going to get very far in a contest without vaping on sub-ohm resistance levels for maximum vapor production.

Despite outshining other vaping styles in terms of vapor and taste there are some downsides and even dangers to sub-ohming and it might not be a good idea for everyone, so let’s talk about what exactly those issues are and whether you should be sub-ohm vaping.

What are the negative aspects / dangers of sub-ohm vaping?

Depending on your vaping habits some defining characteristics of sub-ohm vaping might be considered a downside in your point of view. There are three major issues that you need to think about before you go ahead and purchase a sub-ohm tank to make sure that you are going to be happy sub-ohming.

First of all, the high vapor production of sub-ohm tanks comes at the price of more e-juice being used. Naturally, the bigger the vapor cloud the more e-juice it contains so sub-ohming inherently translates to your e-liquid bottle emptying a lot faster than you might be used to from your standard atomizers. You will be rewarded with a more intense flavour, of course, but it is something to think about for everyone vaping on a budget. The high e-liquid consumption can really hurt your wallet.

Secondly, due to the sub-ohm coil resistance the coil and therefore the vapor you end up inhaling is generally hotter. This means sub-ohming is more suitable for people who prefer a direct lung inhale, since the hotter vapor is not very comfortable to mouth inhale. If you are just looking to get your nicotine fix while staying away from unhealthy tobacco cigarettes you will also have to keep in mind that due to the higher e-liquid consumption you will also consume more nicotine per hit. Anyone who prefers a more cigarette like vaping experience and a nice mouth to lung hit will probably fare better staying away from sub-ohm tanks.

Thirdly, and this should be obvious, if you’re not willing to sacrifice portability and stealth in order to maximize performance then sub-ohm tanks are definitely not what you need. Sub-ohm tanks are generally bigger and require high powered box mods to get the best out of them so your vaping setup will almost always end up being fairly bulky and the big vapor production is difficult to hide when you are vaping in public and want to be decent about it.

At this point we also really want to advise you to be cautious when using sub-ohm setups. Before you dive into sub-ohming it is mandatory that you educate yourself about possible safety issues and user instructions using online resources and vaping forums that there are plenty of and you will easily be able to find answers to all your questions. Also read up on battery safety and take those tips seriously, this does not only refer to sub-ohm vaping but any kind of vaporizer.

Here are the best Sub-Ohm Tanks of 2016

SMOK TFV4 Mini Tank

Smok TFV4 TankPrice: $34.99
Wattage: 30W to 100W
Tank Capacity: 3.5ml
Coils available: 0.4 Ohm S6, 0.35 Ohm CLP2
RBA available: RBA head included

The TFV4 series by SMOK is to this date one of the best choices on the market of sub-ohm tanks. SMOK’s sub-ohm tank impresses with high quality construction and a well thought out design. There is a huge selection of pre-made coils available for individual purchase so you can be sure to find one that suits your needs. The TFV4 Mini is a smaller version of the original TFV4 in a more compact form factor and the occasional leaking issues of the original have also been solved. The TFV4 coils are also compatible with the new TFV4 Mini. Unfortunately the tank only holds 3.5ml of e-juice and with how much e-liquid it goes through you will have to refill quite a lot. It is definitely one of the more expensive sub-ohm tanks at a price of $34.99 but absolutely worth it in our eyes.


– outstanding flavour
– big selection of coils


– tank only holds 3.5ml of e-liquid

Uwell Crown Tank

Uwell Crown Sub Ohm TankPrice: $29.99
Wattage: 10W to 120W
Tank Capacity: 4ml
Coils available: 0.5 Ohm or 1.2 Ohm single coils, 0.25 Ohm and 0.5 Ohm dual coils and Ni200 coils
RBA available: Sold separately

The Crown has really taken vaping fans by surprise with its release. Being Uwell’s first step into the market of sub-ohm tanks, no one really expected them to enter the scene with such an incredible sub-ohm tank. The Crown is built immaculately, integrates all the industry standard features and gadgets and is an absolute joy to vape with. Despite technology advancing quickly and the Crown already being fairly old it still remains one of the best choices in terms of flavour to date and will surely find it’s place in any sub-ohm best of list. Three coils are already included at a price of just $29.99 making this is one of the best value for money purchases to add to your vaping setup. If you are serious about sub-ohm then you can hardly look past the Uwell Crown.


– Produces probably the best flavour we ever experienced
– great value for money


We really couldn’t find anything negative to say about this tank!

Sense Herakles Plus Tank

Sense Herakles Plus TankPrice: $29.99
Wattage: 20W to 100W
Tank Capacity: 3.5ml
Coils available: 0.4 Ohm Kanthal coil, 0.2 Ohm SS, 0.2 Ohm Ni200
RBA available: No RBA

The Herakles Plus tank by Sense is an upgrade of the original Herakles and remains one of the most popular choices on the market. The Herakles Plus features many smart improvements from its original version, most notably the new top fill system, unique air flow control and innovative triple parallel coil structure, among other things. Unfortunately, this is one of the smaller tanks with a capacity of only 3.5ml which is very much below average for today’s sub-ohm tanks and considering how much e-liquid they consume you will have to refill a lot, at least the new top refill design makes that a lot more hassle free. The performance of the Herakles Plus in terms of flavour and vapor is outstanding and probably in the top 3 together with the TFV4 and Uwell Crown. The price of $29.99 is more than justified making this a highly recommended purchase for every vaping fan.


– Great taste
– Patented new coil structure for improved performance
– Unique air flow control travels directly to the coil


– Small tank capacity of just 3.5ml

Aspire Atlantis 2 Tank

Price: $30
Wattage: 20W to 80W
Tank Capacity: 3ml
Coils available: 0.3 Ohm, 0.5 Ohm, 1 Ohm
RBA available: No RBA

This is Aspire’s second version of the Atlantis sub-ohm tank and they really listened to consumer feedback to improve on most of the negative aspects of the original Atlantis tank. The biggest improvements worth mentioning are the increased tank capacity of 3ml (though that is still quite small), better air flow system for a cooler vape and a broader selection of available coils which are now made out of 100% organic cotton for better taste. Considering the size of this sub-ohm tank the vapor production is massive and it tastes so much better than the original Atlantis making this a very respectable sub-ohm tank. Unfortunately, it has no options for use with a rebuildable atomizer and the price is a bit on the higher end for what you end up getting, nonetheless a solid pick.


– Huge vapor production
– Much improved from original Atlantis


– Tank capacity of just 3ml
– No RBA available

Joyetech Ego One Starter Kit (complete system)

Price: $50 to $55
Wattage: no variable wattage (3.3V to 4.2V)
Tank Capacity: 1.8ml or 2.5ml
Coils available: 0.5 Ohm and 1 Ohm coils included
RBA available: No

The Joyetech Ego One is a choice that might need some explaining, because it is not actually a stand alone sub-ohm tank but actually more aimed to be an easy to use vaporizer for beginners. However, with it’s 0.5 Ohm coil included in the kit it is certainly capable of sub-ohming and can be a good choice if you are looking for an easy to use vaporizer that is more compact in size and therefore better to handle for use outside the house and on the move. On top of that, this device is also perfectly suited for mouth to lung vaping, which is very rare for a sub-ohm setup, since as we mentioned previously due to the heat of the vapor sub-ohming is usually only good for a direct lung inhale. It is certainly a pricy vaporizer and far from a common pick when we are talking sub-ohm tanks, but it has it’s spot on this list for filling a unique niche.


– Easy to use for beginners
– Very compact form factor
– Suitable for mouth to lung inhale


– Does not offer many features
– Performance not up to par with proper sub-ohm tanks

Kanger Subtank Plus

Price: $39.99
Wattage: 12W to 30W
Tank Capacity: 7ml
Coils available: 0.5 Ohm and 1.2 Ohm OCC coils
RBA available: RBA included

Out of all the Kanger Subtanks, which are also available as Mini and Nano, the Subtank Plus is the biggest in size and as always that carries both, positive and negative aspects with it. With an e-liquid capacity of 7ml it features a very large tank that lasts you for ages without refilling. The RBA, which is included in the purchase, also now has bigger e-liquid holes and thicker o-rings to deliver more juice to the coil and produce more and thicker vapor. This tank is 25mm in diameter which is well above average size for sub-ohm tanks and it will overlap and many of today’s smaller box mods but this doesn’t affect performance in any way so only you can tell if that’s an issue for you or not. Although we did not experience any leaking ourselves, we have had some readers who said they experienced minor leaks through the air flow holes of their Subtanks, so be aware of that.


– Massive e-liquid capacity of 7ml
– Huge vapor production


– Consumes e-liquid very quickly
– Potential leaking issues

Eleaf iJust 2 Tank

Price: $18.95
Wattage: 30W to 100W
Tank Capacity: 5.5ml
Coils available: 0.3 Ohm, 0.5 Ohm and 0.15 Ohm Ni200
RBA available: No

Eleaf’s iJust 2 is one of the cheapest sub-ohm tanks on this list but don’t judge it’s performance by its price tag because it is right up there with many of the more expensive sub-ohm tanks in terms of flavour. With a diameter of just 20mm it is rather small and fits nicely onto every 510 connector without overlapping and somehow Eleaf still found a way to equip this with a pretty big 5.5ml e-juice tank. It does only come with one 0.3 Ohm coil included and other coils have to be purchased separately, however, the iJust 2 is compatible with Atlantis, Atlantis 2, Melo and Triton coils so if you already own some nice coils for any of those sub-ohm tanks the iJust 2 could be a great pick up that doesn’t hurt your wallet. One thing that we want to mention because it really annoyed us was the way the air flow control worked, unlike the common twisting of the tank to increase or decrease the size of the air holes, the iJust 2 comes with a rubber band that wraps around the tank which is then used to control the size of the air flow holes. Why Eleaf chose this design is beyond us but it is only a minor irritation, regardless of that the iJust can be a great little sub-ohm tank at a budget price.


– Very affordable
– High versatility with many compatible coils


– No top refill
– Irritating air flow control with rubber band

Aspire Cleito Tank

Price: $19.99
Wattage: 50W to 70W
Tank capacity: 3.5ml
Coils available: 0.2 Ohm and 0.4 Ohm Kanthal Clapton coil
RBA available: Sold separately

The Aspire Cleito is a very simply constructed and lightweight sub-ohm tank available at a very affordable price. This tank has very much taken us by surprise and don’t let the price tag or simple construction of this sub-ohm tank fool you. The build quality is very good and taking it apart we could not find a thing wrong with the design. Firing it up the taste of our e-juice was incredible and very close to the Uwell Crown or TFV4 which we consider to be the best tasting sub-ohm tanks. Despite the air flow holes being very we had some issues with the top cap of the tank getting too hot, especially on higher wattage ranges, because it is directly connected to the coil. Aspire provides some silicone chuffs to combat that issue but it’s worth mentioning. Such a great tasting sub-ohm tank for just under $20 and two Clapton coils already included (and an RBA sold separately) this is an absolute steal and probably the best value for money sub-ohm tank.


– Fantastic value for money
– One of the best tasting sub-ohm tanks
– Very lightweight


– Top cap tends to get too hot

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