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E-cigarette, vaping and accessories company V2Cigs (now V2.com) is a subsidiary of VMR Products. It was co-founded in 2009 by Jan Andries Verleur (CEO) and Dan Recio (President), and the company quickly became a leader in the electronic cigarette marketplace. The company is headquartered in Miami, Florida, and is properly registered and licensed as well as holding a B rating from the BBB.

Which products does V2Cigs offer?

V2Cigs carries a full line of E-cigarettes, including starter kits, vape pens, cartridges, E-liquids, batteries, accessories, and disposables.

Starter kits

Starter kits from V2 come in a variety of package sizes and styles, with various accessories included as well as batteries, cartridges, and charging options. These kits are customizable within certain parameters, and can be upgraded as desired.

V2 StarterkitThe Standard Starter Kit includes two V2 Classic batteries, 10 V2 Classic Flavor cartridges (choose one or two flavors), one wall adapter, one smart charger, and a user’s manual. Upgrade to Standard Plus and get the additional portable charging case, or buy the Ultimate Starter Kit and get all the gadgets including a lanyard, car adapter, a metal carry case, one Power-Cig, three batteries, and 25 cartridges with up to five different flavor choices.

The E-Liquid Starter Kit includes two V2 Classic batteries, two V2 Platinum E-Liquid 25 ML bottles (choose one or two flavors), one pack of EX Blanks (three Blanks per pack), one wall adapter, one smart charger, and the user’s manual. The portable Power-Cig starter kit comes with a USB enabled cig and five-pack of cartridges in your preferred flavor.

EX Starter Kits provide an introduction to the premium line. The Standard EX Kit includes two V2 EX batteries, 10 V2 EX flavor cartridges (choose one or two flavors and / or nicotine strengths), one wall adapter, one smart charger, and a user’s manual. The Standard EX Plus Kit also includes a portable charging kit, and the Ultimate EX Starter Kit comes with the additional lanyard, car adapter, metal carry case, one Power-Cig, three batteries, and 25 cartridges with up to five different flavor choices.

Vape pens

V2 Pro Series 3 & Series 7Vape pens from V2 allow for interchangeable cartridges so users can choose between E-Liquid, loose leaf, or wax. They plug into a computer or wall charger, warm automatically to the optimal temperature by recognizing the type of cartridge in use, and utilize magnetic, threadless technology for ease of cartridge use. The Series 3 Vape Pro has a single automatic setting, while the V2 Pro Series 7 Review includes an automatic setting and 3 manual settings.

Cartridges and E-Liquids

V2 offers a full line of cartridge flavors and E-Liquids. The V2 series works with all V2 batteries, offers the widest selection (12 base flavors plus limited editions), and has the lowest price point. The V2 EX series also works with all batteries, has an increased puff count and a window for E-Liquid level visibility, and is the greatest value. Both series come in five, 10, 40, and 80 cartridge packs.

E-Liquids come in 25 or 50 ml bottles, or in 60 ml ZigZag packs. Also available are six and 12 flavor samplers for both cartridge and E-Liquid choices; blank cartridges for E-Liquid, loose leaf, and wax users; specialty and artisan flavor packs; and aluminum or rubber no-drip tips.


Standard V2 Cig 4.2 volt batteries are 79 ml long, and last for 2-3 hours or 200+ puffs. Short batteries (67 mm) are available with a two hour charged operating life of 160+ puffs, or choose the long option with a 110 ml length, a four hour charge, and a capacity for 300+ puffs. All batteries come in five colors and provide a choice of manual or electric operation. Also available is the EX version with a charging indicator LED light and the capacity to hold either classic or EX cartridges.


V2 accessories can be included in starter kits or bought individually. Cases include metal charging and carrying cases, soft cases, and iPhone cases. Charger options include wall chargers (available for plug types in the US, UK, and most of Europe), USB chargers, car chargers, and adapters. Battery converters, Power-Cigs, drip tips, lanyards, and apparel are also available.


V2 Disposables and Zig-Zag disposable E-cigarettes come in packs of five and 10, provide approximately 400 puffs, and are available in limited flavors including Red (V2), Traditional (Zig-Zag), and Menthol (both types). V2 Disposables come in 1.8% strength and Zig-Zags come in 1.8 or 2.4% strengths. 400 puffs is roughly equivalent to two packs of traditional cigarettes.

What makes V2Cigs the market leader?

V2 products quickly rose to the potion of market leaders thanks to a focus on transparency, including a readily available, downloadable list of ingredients contained in V2 Cigs flavor cartridges; an active community forum for support and discussion; a strong, six day a week customer service department; in-house production and assembly in certified plants; rigorous quality control procedures; batch testing; and a limited lifetime warranty with up to five replacements allowed on defective products to current customers.

Unique selling points

V2 differs from most other E-cigarette brands, primarily thanks to their concept of an entire E-cig system that can be adapted per user preference and even combined with other systems. The ability to switch seamlessly between cartridges, use E-Liquid, Wax, or loose leaf choices, and even convert other brands’ batteries for use with V2 styles makes the company unique.

In addition to their own flavors, V2 also carry Zig-Zag brand flavors and disposables. The EX line offers even more flexibility for experienced vapers. Cartridges are interchangeable and magnetic, with threadless technology. Batteries can be manual or automatic, the former including a small button to engage the vaping process, and the latter depending on puffing by the user to release vapor.

The multiple shipping options, varied customer service, support, community forum options, and continually evolving specialty flavors make V2 attractive to new vapers and experienced E-cigarette users. The cost of getting started or sampling the many options is affordable compared to other brands, and the customer loyalty points reward system is extremely generous.

The website is highly navigable, and provides costs for each product in both standard currency and in redeemable points. Shipping costs are transparent, and allow for rapid fulfillment and delivery if required. V2 can also be found at retail locations and the site hosts a store locator. V2 also provides an affiliate program that is globalized.

Where can I buy V2Cigs?

V2 products are available on the company website (v2.com), and in thousands of retail locations which can be discovered via the store located on the company website. Fulfillment is same day or next day in most cases, with flat rate or expedited shipping options including three day shipping.

Are there V2Cigs coupons available?

V2Cig coupons and coupon codes are available in various places online. V2 also promotes a strong customer rewards program, allowing points to be earned for dollars spent, customers referred, and other actions. Each product on-site displays cost in both currency and points.

Pricing and value

Pricing and value will be affected by the vaper’s preferred style of use and buying patterns. Social vapers may prefer disposables for the occasional vape, while habitual vapers will benefit more from a starter kit followed by regular bulk orders of cartridges or E-Liquids. Compared to other brands, V2 comes out favorably, with an initial start up cost as low as $25.

Customer service

V2Cigs supports their claim to be #1 in customer service, with customer service options available Monday through Saturday via email, phone or on-site live chat. The community forums hold the answers to many queries, and a comprehensive FAQ page is hosted on the company website.

Guarantee, warranty, and replacement policy

A 30 day, 100% money-back guarantee applies to most unopened items. Shipping costs are not covered. V2 also offers a “lifetime” warranty that all electronic components will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for the life of the products. The fine print reveals that the warranty and guarantee are conditional on customer loyalty; exclude liquids, cartridges and disposables; does not apply to opened, misused, or damaged products; and the lifetime replacement is limited to five total and only in place if the customer has made a site purchase in the previous 90 days – accurate reading and understanding of the fine print is recommended.


The V2Cig line provides an affordable option for those new to vaping, as well as those seeking to try a new brand or switch from another E-cigarette. The customer service support is high quality; fulfillment and shipping is swift; and the forum on the company website is thriving, providing new and experienced vapers the opportunity to communicate and share ideas and tips.


V2Cigs may not provide exactly the same experience traditional cigarette smokers and vapers who have used other lines expect, particularly with the smaller E-cig options. The automatic shut off prevents drags longer than ten seconds, which may be an issue with “power smokers”. However, the pros seem to outweigh any cons and V2 continues to rise as a global E-cigarette developer, manufacturer, and retailer.

9.1 Total Score

Customer Service
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